As a leading employee transport service provider across the globe, HEYINZ INDIA has emerged. We are one of the largest and most reliable providers of employee transportation services. Today, with 1000+ cars daily, we transport about 5000 employees and operate across metro and satellite cities. Over the next few months, we intend to expand our business to various cities.

We have a full end-to-end employee transport solution to preserve employee satisfaction and comfort, optimizing the gross mileage and travel time while doing so. Through the web and app, HEYINZ INDIA provides the Roster facility, where you can get the option to roster SOC/Admin, Ad Hoc requests. The option for roster update/change is also available up to 30 minutes before the cut off period.

Our first priority is security. Admin can perform one-click routing based on constraints in less than a minute with our Routing facility, can allocate Vendors, review routes, and can make changes if necessary. AI Engine-generated ETAs.

Cab Monitoring & Booking based upon IVR and SMS is a go. For smooth departure, our Fleet Management system generates a slot number. Employees may access vehicle information on SMS/E-Mail, App, location alerts, book or cancel Flexi-cabs, or use only a single IVR number to speak to transport help-desk or cab drivers.

The electronic trip sheet is received by the driver. During pick up, no wait time. HEYINZ INDIA keeps the workers constantly updated on the actual arrival times of their respective cabs via SMS, including delays due to traffic. Trip control begins with check-ins and vehicle tracking. The mobile app of the driver offers guard sign-off.

For regional and interstate travel, HEYINZ INDIA provides a bundle of transport and holiday solutions. Luxury sports car rental, long-term corporate car lease plan, monthly car rental plan, minivan and coach services. In total, within our business-related network, we have almost 150 vehicles.