Welcome to Live Agrow

We at LiveAgroW are committed to maintain quality & hygiene and provide our consumers a product that are 100 % organic and free from harmful chemicals, keeping its natural nutrients intact


We have deeply committed ourselves to
hygiene and to provide authentic high
-quality milk & milk products.


Our Chickens are high quality chickens
that are raised in a clean and environment
friendly houses and fed with nutritious feed


Our Vegetables and crops are grown with traditional techniques and cultivated with natural ways.

Know About Our Farm

At our farm we always try to maintain the quality of the products what we offer, whether it be Dairy Product, Poultry Product or Vegetables and Crops. Our Cattles & chickens are high quality which are taken special care by specialized team of veterinary doctors time to time. We believe use of traditional methods in our every process, so there is no machines involved in the entire process. The cattles are kept in very hygienic and environmentally controlled houses and fed with the best quality of feed, so as to deliver you the best products. Even in our crop cultivation, we use fertilizers of organic origin like compost, green manure and use biological methods of pest control so as to provide you with the products that are of the best quality
Natural &

Direct from Cow’s Udder to your Doorstep

We provide you with the raw milk that comes straight from Cow’s Udder to your doorstep without being pasteurized, providing you with the complete natural milk containing more amino acids, antimicrobials, vitamins, minerals & Fatty Acids.

What We Offer



Cow Ghee

Butter milk



Organic Crops

Natural & Organic

We provide our consumers which is grown and cultivated in safe environment and is 100 % natural and organic free from any type of preservatives. So, our products don’t have ingredients that are genetically modified. Our products are chemical free such as artificial fragrances, preservatives, colorants and other synthetic additives. As a result of which our consumers get the products which do not lose their natural properties and are healthier in every way


The traditional or industrial farming practices aim at enhancing production and farm output by all means necessary. By eating organic foods, the risks of decline in immune system strength are significantly reduced because organic foods are not altered at all. Furthermore, organic foods have quality and higher vitamin and mineral contents that help to strengthen the human immune system